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house 1Many travellers and holidaymakers opt for spending an extended time at the beach, either to maximize their outdoor experiences, to learn more about people, things, and places, or sometimes, to simply prolong the feeling of being free from all the cares of the world.

George Getaway has been a geographic icon to locals and tourists. It is one of the best places in the planet where time is definitely worth spending.

Staying around Hilton Head is now made possible and convenient because there are rental homes like George Getaway that are readily available for people who want to stay longer on the islands. People from all over the world flock in here during summer to unwind and enjoy the long stretched beaches. Of course, we, at George Getaway, want you to get the most of what nature can offer. That is why we ensure the utmost satisfaction and happiness of our clients.

A trouble-free and accessible accommodation is just part of the real beach experience. The secret formula of an unforgettable beach escapade with your family and friends is a home from George Getaway plus the pristine warm waters of the beach. George Getaway offers and guarantees you the best stay you will have while you are on your holiday. Because of the awe-inspiring ambiance that our units have, you will sometimes wish to never go back home once you step in. We can make you feel like you have just set foot in another 1-1

Welcome to George Getaway where homes are far beyond compare! We are the No. 1 lodge specialist in Hilton Head. We are proudly presenting the following amenities that you and your family will love:

• Great ocean views
• Fresh water swimming pools
• Jacuzzis
• Maid service
• Golf courses
• Tennis courts
• Shops
• Spas
• Places of worship
• Restaurants

The list goes on. This is where anything you think of is obtainable.

The  Casa | The Vista | The Dom

So many exciting activities await you here, too. Scuba diving, snorkelling, sunbathing, swimming, windsurfing, parasailing, picnicking are just examples of what you can do.

George Getaway’s homes are designed for lengthy stays, fully furnished, beachfronts, accessible, relaxing, and practical for renters. We offer the following sizes of units:

Apart from the white fine sand, turquoise water, and the daily dose of a terrific weather, a happy beach experience should also comprise of a cosy room where you can feel at home. Staying in a luxurious place does not always mean spending too much money. At George Getaway, your needs and demands as a tourist can be catered at a reasonable cost. Spend your honeymoon, your holidays, your summer, business events, and personal occasions here. Meet locals, talk to fellow travellers, dance with the crowd, drink, celebrate, have fun, watch sunrises, witness sunsets, walk on the shore, and bask in the goodness of nature.

Thank you for reading this far. You are one more step away to making your ideal home away from home only here at George Getaway.

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